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Is Your Marketing Authentic?
By: Forbes
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I was sitting down at a meeting the other day with someone who works in the cyber security space. And as we were discussing the industry, he informed me that there was so much information and hyperbole in the messaging and marketing that’s going on in cyber security.

This made me think about marketing in general. As marketers, we naturally lean towards being hyperbolic. We want our customers to think we’re the #1 or we’re the best. But in truth, maybe we’re not. And maybe they’re okay with that. After all, I got to restaurants all the time that I know aren’t the best in town. But I go there because I like their food, I like their service, and I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a meal.

So, if we’re so worried about always being perceived as the best and the greatest, I think we’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with our audiences and let them see a side of us that is authentic.


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