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Customer Experience Success Relies On More Than Marketing
By: Forbes
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In the fight to win the customer experience battlefield, most organizations put their marketing departments in charge.  But it takes much more than marketing expertise and impact to succeed in customer experience. Operations, human resources, and finance must also take responsibility and undergo fundamental transformations.

It’s understandable to think that marketing should drive customer experience.  Marketers usually know the customer best and they also usually have the best handle on how developments in technology and other trends impact customers.  So, marketing is well-positioned to set the customer experience vision and lead the thinking about customer experience design.

But since most marketing departments’ responsibilities are focused on advertising, promotions, and other elements in the last mile of customer engagement, they only have limited involvement in and influence on the more upstream, organization-wide, and fundamental changes that customer experience delivery requires. Customer experience success relies on operations, human resources, and finance as much as it does on marketing.


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