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5 Things CEOs Don't Get About Influencer Marketing
By: Forbes
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It will probably comes as no surprise to you (or your CEO) that traditional banner ads have gotten increasingly ineffectual. In fact, according to Google’s Display Benchmarks Tool, the average click-through rate (CTR) of display ads is now only around 0.06%, and 47% of online consumers now use ad blocking technology, according to the Reuters Institute. This means that if you’re paying for exposure via banner ads, you’ve lost nearly half your audience right out of the gate.

Businesses need to find alternative strategies for getting exposure and traffic. Therefore influencer marketing could be just what’s needed in this advertising-wary culture.  Done right, you can earn insane results.

As a top social media influencer and CEO of a company that regularly uses influencer marketing to drive profitable growth, I recently discussed influencer marketing myths and pragmatic advice for CEOs during this recent interview:

Here are 5 pieces to the influencer marketing puzzle that CEOs need in order to understand when and how to incorporate influencer marketing into the mix and craft a successful campaign.


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