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3 Ways Elon Musk Conquers Marketing
By: Forbes
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Gathered around a retired Desperate Housewives set on a Friday night, a few hundred people were able to witness first hand as Elon Musk unveiled his latest renewable energy venture – solar roofing shingles – alongside his other two major product announcements going to market in 2017, the Powerwall 2 and Model 3 car.

The way that Musk markets and presents each new innovation, while maintaining a unified message, is a feat that every marketer should take note of and learn from. Whether you believe that Musk is propelling a new age of how consumer technology is marketed, or if he’s simply the best iteration of 21st century marketing to date, there are three undeniably key elements to his success that any brand can, and should, adopt today:

A Unified, Singular Vision Of The Future

The Solar Roof unveiling did not really require a full sized home to be displayed. However, the experience was elevated significantly by it not only being shown “in action” (on an actual house), but also with the pairing of the Powerwall 2 and Tesla Model 3 parked in the driveway.


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