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Four Main Obstacles Brands Have to Adopting VR
By: Digiday
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Virtual reality is hot right now, at least to hear production and media companies talk about it. The New York Times and DigitasLBi hosted an event on Wednesday, where the Times and four VR studios talked up VR and shared examples of their work. The word “amazing” got thrown around a lot. “All signs are, it’s coming into the mainstream,” said Scott Donaton, chief content officer at DigitasLBi. “This is real. This is not a fire drill. We believe VR is going to transform storytelling.”

But if marketers are mesmerized by the immersive experience they have when they put on a VR headset, they still aren’t so sure what it means for their brands just yet. We asked attendees about the top barriers preventing VR’s wider adoption by brands. Here’s what they said.

High cost
Often lost in the hype around VR is that it’s expensive to make, given the audience reached. A VR video can cost millions, which is why some agencies, which always want to be the first to adopt a new technology, are absorbing some of the risk by footing the bill for clients. “The costs have to come down,” said Marc Appel, managing director of content marketing at Accenture. “Adoption of the technology has to broaden before we can justify using it in a broader way.”


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