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McDonald’s Will Start Auditing its Media Contracts
By: Digiday
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McDonald’s is hiring auditors to take a thorough look at its nearly $1 billion advertising business, probing into troubling media practices like rebates revealed in the Association of National Advertising’s transparency report.

“We are reviewing and auditing everything,” Deborah Wahl, CMO for McDonald’s, told Digiday at the ANA Masters of Marketing in Orlando. “There’s lots of waste and fraud in the supply chain. We need to clean up all the channels and make sure the supply chain is transparent.”

The ANA report shine light on sketchy ad tech practices like rebates and black-box deals where holding groups funnel the ads through ad tech properties they own or invest in. The report also identifies some holes in many media contracts and now marketers are trying to fix them. Aside from McDonald’s, big marketers like J.P. Morgan Chase, General Electric, Walgreens and AT&T have all reportedly launched an audit of their ad buyers.



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