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How KLM Uses Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service
By: Digiday
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For better or worse, airlines have treated social media as a critical customer service tool, catering to cranky travelers who tweet their gripes. That willingness has led to a deluge of issues for customer service to address — and created the need to automate it.

Take Dutch airline KLM. In a typical week, KLM has to respond to 15,000 social conversations in a dozen different languages. There is no programmatic solution here: KLM has a 235-person social media team. But KLM is exploring ways to combine artificial intelligence and humans in providing customer service that’s somewhat automated but still has a personal touch.

In the most basic form, KLM added in a Facebook chatbot in March. KLM uses Facebook for automated updates around checking in and flight delays and also gives users a copy of their boarding pass. When there’s a bigger ask, a (human) KLM agent will jump in. In its first month, KLM’s volume of Facebook messages jumped 40 percent. KLM said 1.7 million messages have been sent on Messenger by over 500,000 people.


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