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How Creatives Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Data
By: Digiday
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Despite the industry’s move to data-driven marketing, the D word still rankles in some circles. Yet the enlightened know that, if done well, programmatic creative can showcase advertising at its cleverest. More than that, it’s crucial to future-proofing your playbook.

“Real” creatives tend to cringe at the idea of using data in their ad campaigns. But this aversion might have more to do with a need for a new definition for data and a new understanding of its role in their creative process than with zealous artistic purity. Data as counterpoint can guide creative toward what people want, illuminating the path to addressing those needs.

The recipe for good creative?
Breakthrough creative requires two components—originality and elaboration. Originality can be simply defined as uniqueness. Elaboration is more complex: It refers to both explaining details and making unexpected connections between ideas.



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