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5 Essential Tips For Brands Battling Social Media Trolls
By: Fast Company
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Despite social media maturing as a platform, online services—mostly Twitter—are plagued more than ever by trolls looking to cause emotional distress in individuals. Yet while we think of trolling as a problem for individuals, brands are increasingly being targeted by trolls, too.

Some forms of brand trolling can be harmless and humorous, but there are also more malicious attacks, which if not dealt with properly, can potentially harm a brand.

"Your brand might not have ‘feelings’, but it does have a reputation," says Josephine Hardy, director of content and marketing at Acorn, The Influence Company. Hardy maintains:
Trolls attack the integrity of your brand, and thrive on the chaos they create. The worst thing that could happen to a brand from trolling is to have their reputation destroyed. It takes time and money to establish a positive brand image. As little as one comment can plant the seed of doubt in the minds of customers.


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