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In The Era Of New Nationalism, How Will Global Brands Fare?
By: Forbes
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This summer has been one in which the dynamics both of globalism and anti-global localism have been strongly on display. The quadrennial Summer Olympics presented a world coming together in friendly competition. By contrast, the landmark Brexit vote in late June and anti-immigrant-influenced U.S. Presidential campaign seem to underscore a slide toward nationalism across the globe, raising business and marketing issues as well as political and economic ones. Given the intensity of these emerging anti-global, pro-local sentiments, how far-reaching might this trend be in influencing attitudes about global vs. national brands? And should we be thinking differently as marketers about how to interpret even globally uniting trends and events, such as the Olympics?

In late 2014, a period when independence movements in Scotland and Catalonia were garnering headlines, McCann Worldgroup Truth Central began a worldwide study focused on global brands and their marketing environment. The Truth about Global Brands, released early last year, was our largest study to date in which 30,000 people in 29 countries were interviewed about their attitudes, beliefs and values as they related to an increasingly global world.

We can better understand these disparate forces and the foundational impact on brand marketing if we look to the five distinct segments of people uncovered in the Truth About Global Brands research. Among these groups, two make up more than half the globe.


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