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Marketers Need to be Comfortable with Ambiguity, says McDonald’s Richard Murphy
By: The Drum
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Mcdonald’s CVP of digital, growth and foundational markets Richard Murphy called on marketers to become more comfortable with the uncertainties, citing the adage “it’s no longer the big that eat the small, it is the fast that eat the slow.”

Murphy was speaking alongside Stephen Li, CEO at OMD APAC, about the anatomy of fear in the context of modern, risky marketing strategies at Spikes Asia today. The discussion focused on the ways in which brands like McDonald’s can start to become more comfortable with unknowns.

Murphy, said: “We know the outcomes but don’t know how to get there all the time. This makes me feel nervous and fearful because I don't have the data points to make the decisions. It is about being comfortable with ambiguity, the idea of being able to fail fast and go again. As you do that you have to focus on key points like sales targets, brand engagement targets and ROI because it helps us focus on how we get there.”


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