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Influencers Weigh In on YouTube's 'Censorship' Controversy
By: Digiday
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With a change in YouTube’s content moderation system, a tussle has broken out between the platform and a faction of its creators.

Controversy erupted last Wednesday, when YouTube creator Philip DeFranco — with 4.5 million subscribers on his channel — uploaded a video titled “YouTube Is Shutting Down My Channel and I’m Not Sure What To Do” in which he claimed flagged about 40 of his videos, citing some of his language and the topics he covers are “not advertiser friendly.” He went on to describe the system as “censorship with a different name.”

YouTube responded that it had not updated any policies regarding which videos are ad-ready and which are not. It has merely changed the communication around it, sending creators a notice when they mark a video as unfriendly for advertisers. The platform also instituted a new appeals process. Still, the hashtag #YouTubeIsOver was trending on Twitter last week.


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