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Sponsoring All the Feels: Olympic Sponsors and the Impact They’ve Made
By: Meltwater
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The Olympic Games represent the pinnacle of human achievement, bringing cultures and nations together to celebrate the mind-boggling limits of our physiology. But there’s always another competition in parallel, one that can’t be measured by timekeepers and score cards. It’s a race among the official sponsors of the games to make the greatest emotional impact on an estimated 3.6 billion viewers. As viewers are there to cheer their country’s heroes and watch records be broken, the sponsors themselves can’t get in the way of this inherently emotional experience—they have to enhance it.

What does it cost to be an official sponsor and what comes with that privilege?

While reports differ on the exact cost, a common figure thrown around is $100 million for a four-year deal covering each cycle of the games. That’s $100 million to reach an estimated 3.6 billion viewers.

Believe it or not, in terms of exposure, that’s money well spent.


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