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Callaway's Stroke of Marketing Genius
By: Forbes
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Social media marketers have turned the world upside down. Video marketers have more often turned it inside out. And that, almost literally, is happening to the idea of what marketing should be.

The traditional view is that marketers rely on the media to get their story told. That you have to hire expensive public relations agencies to persuade journalists to write about your business. Sometimes you get lucky, a few publications write about your product and most of the time it’s positive. But those same publications won’t write about you for another year or until you have a major, press worthy announcement. There are a lot of companies with a lot of stories which means a lot of competition for a journalist’s time.

Yet some marketers have quite literally taken the initiative to create their own media. And a subset of those have started to create their own branded video (video produced by the brand). Even a much smaller subset have started to experiment with live video.

But I have yet to run into a Chief Marketing Officer that not only uses live branded video, but is the host and star of the program – until now. Most shockingly, he is the Senior Vice President (SVP) of a publicly traded company.

If Red Bull gives you wings, then Callaway gives you drive.


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