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Do Wacky Foods Like Burger King’s Whopperrito Help The Bottom Line—Or Is It A Cry For Help?
By: Meltwater
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Stop me if you’ve heard this: from Monday, Burger King will be selling, for a limited time, its Whopperrito, a burrito that features a Whopper burger, seasoned with Tex-Mex, as its main filling.

I’m betting most people, if not everyone reading this, has already heard about the Whopperrito. How could you not notice? After all, in the last week or so, USA Today and The Chicago Tribune and The Miami Herald, to pick a few papers at random, have written about it. A lot of local TV news stations have done stories on it as well, and it’s captured a lot of buzz on social media.

And you’re likely well aware that the Whopperrito is hardly the first novelty menu item to come along at a fast food restaurant. Earlier this summer, Burger King debut its limited novelty item, Mac n’ Cheetos, and within days Taco Bell will begin experimenting in Cincinnati with a Cheetos Burrito with the idea of eventually unleashing it nationwide. We’re aware of these food items because, well, they’re wacky and different.

So are these fast food novelty items appearing on menus because they really do help the restaurant’s bottom line, or is to get attention? Or is it more of a cry for help? As in, a desperate bid to get customers to notice them among the competition.


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