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Don’t Track Clicks, Measure What Matters
By: Marketing Interactive
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While APAC is poised to be the world’s leading digital advertising market this year, overtaking the US in terms of ad spend, there is a growing debate on whether brands are accurately measuring the impact of and maximising their digital ad spend.

Marketing spoke with Steven Feiner, ex-Googler and CEO and founder at startup, A Better Florist, on the challenges of understanding digital marketing performance and focusing on increasing conversions.

Feiner founded A Better Florist last year in Singapore with the aim of making it much simpler and quicker to purchase flowers online and with an emphasis on making processes data-driven. He said many companies have become obsessed with tracking anything and everything and being 100% accurate.

“First things first, it doesn’t matter how correct your tracking is if nobody cares. There needs to be broad-based education and different stakeholders need to be in the same room,” he said.


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