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How 6 Small Agencies are Getting Creative With Team Building This Summer
By: Digiday
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Ah, summer. It’s the season of office shorts, lax Fridays and … trust falls. The agency retreat is an opportunity for teams to regroup and strengthen bonds before clients come calling. And they’re not just for the big guys: The smaller agencies are disrupting summer, too. From hackathons to group runs, agencies of all sizes are getting increasingly innovative with ideas intended to break the ice and keep employees engaged and driven.

Here’s how agencies are team building this summer:

Digital Surgeons’ slot machine
Two months ago, this New Haven-based agency came up with a novel way to ensure that employees that don’t always work together still end up having meaningful interactions. The agency created a digital slot machine called “Better People Experiences,” whose algorithm randomly matches two employees and also generates a social activity for them to do together — like going day-drinking together or hiking. These random moments are simply ways to connect people across functions, to create deeper bonds and encourage team-building. The slot machine has been spun every two weeks this summer and is so popular that it might become a permanent feature at the agency.



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