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Silence Isn't Golden: The Case for Office Music at Agencies
By: Digiday
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Agencies don’t just show what they represent through their awesome office spaces but through what they listen too as well.

When digital agency Poke left its East London office 18 months ago to join other Publicis Groupe agencies on Baker Street, much of its defining culture was tied up in a building that couldn’t move with it, with the exception of its radio system. In its new digs, Poke has set up the “halo,” a cylindrical display for the its proof-of-concept radio player in the middle of the office space. It’s more of a totem pole to company culture rather than something on which to play background elevator music.

“Music is a defining part of culture,” Nicolas Roope, co-founder of Poke told Digiday. “As business spaces change, music creeps into these environments.”

Like many offices, agencies have become outwardly quieter over the years withthe rise of headphones culture. The headphones, once thought of as standoffish, are now a regular accessory in open-office plan agencies, at once a way to concentrate and a way to tune out coworkers who are ostensibly there for collaboration.



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