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Emotionally Connect with Your Audience on Social Media
By: Meltwater
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Many companies are struggling when it comes to managing their social media engagement. But being active and posting frequently isn’t enough to connect with audiences. The most successful brand rise above the fray and engage audiences through emotional content on social media. And even then, getting an audience to not only read what you’re writing but to act, via commenting and sharing, can still be a mystery. If you’re unsure of where to start on the path to creating engaging content, using tried and true psychology-related tips can be a great place to start.

Color Helps You Communicate
Carefully selecting a color scheme can positively represent your brand and impact readers on a psychological level. So, before you start sharing content across social media, choose colors that are synonymous with your brand. You’ll want a color scheme that shouts your brand in the absence of any other visual cues.


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