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How to Apply Agile Methodology to Your Marketing Projects
By: Cision
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While developers do have plenty of efficient systems in place that don’t apply to the marketing world,Agile isn’t one of them.

Before I get into it, I’ll explain a little about what Agile is. In essence, Agile is a teamwork approach that promotes working in short sprints with defined goals, evaluating the work and then improving on it until it’s finished. The process is roughly this:
  • Pick a project
  • Assign the right tasks to the right people
  • Set aside X days to work solidly on the project (a sprint)
  • Report progress and problems daily
  • After the sprint, evaluate progress and assign work for the next sprint.
If you were to adopt  Agile to the process of writing a press release, you would complete a first draft in full, redraft it in full and then tidy it up. You’re not quibbling over every word or editing as you write, but working in chunks and then improving copy over and over again.


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