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What 3,000+ Job Postings Taught Us About Today's Content Marketers
By: Hubspot
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Do you have what it takes to succeed in today's modern marketing world?

As the marketing landscape continues to shift, the requirements and expectations surrounding content marketing roles are evolving. Even if you've got the strongest writing chops in the game, you'll need to find other ways to expand your skills if you want to differentiate yourself.

While more and more businesses are seeking talent to fill communication and marketing roles that require constant adaptation to the latest trends, they often struggle to recruit and retain qualified professionals.

Thanks to outdated university programs, there’s a talent gap, and the next generation of modern marketers’ skills and knowledge must go beyond traditional curricula to remain competitive. So in this high-demand, low-supply content marketing economy, where are the jobs and what are recruiters searching for in the ideal applicant?

By examining over 3,300 job listings specific to content marketing on Indeed.com, Fractl’s latest research reveals the state of our industry’s job market and supports the notion that today’s competitive candidate must be a hybrid marketer -- part technician, part artist.


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