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23 Brilliant Twitter Cover Photo Examples From Real Brands
By: Hubspot
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What do you think to yourself when you see someone's Twitter avatar is the default image of an egg? Chances are, you probably assume they are either inactive, a fake account, or someone not worth following.

While almost all businesses understand that the egghead approach isn't doing them any justice, they often fail to understand that a plain, flat Twitter cover photo can be equally as off-putting to potential followers.

Think about it: Would you rather engage with a company that has a header image featuring a dozen of their happiest employees working together on a cool project, or one that relies on a plain blue rectangle to do the talking? 

Despite the prominent placement and size (the Twitter cover photo dimensions are 500 pixels tall by 1500 pixels wide), far too many companies are underutilizing this opportunity to express themselves. We think all they need is a little inspiration.

To give you a better sense of what a Twitter header photo done right looks like, we've put together a list of some of the best examples from companies around the world. Check them out.

1) Uber

When Uber rebranded in February 2016, they wrote about how their new look and feel is meant to celebrate two main things: 1) technology, and 2) the cities they serve. Their cover photo is a smart, well designed visual reflection of both these core values.

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