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Grocery Brands Flock to Ads Informed by Your Real-World Shopping
By: AdAge
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From toothpaste brands to lipstick makers, marketers of consumer packaged goods are jumping at the chance to target consumers based on what they've bought before.

It's historically been a challenge for CPG marketers to know exactly who their customers are, and thus difficult to aim ads at them. But retailers gather loads of data about their shoppers' purchases. Now as real-world shopping data collides with location tracking and other technology, purchase-based advertising is becoming increasingly pervasive.

"The closer to the source the purchase data is, the better," said Jonathan Opdyke, Co-Founder and CEO of HookLogic, which helps advertisers target audiences on retail websites. "Retailers are the definitive source for first-party purchase data, particularly around the granular SKU level data brands care about."

Ninety-nine percent of campaigns that mobile ad firm 4Info has run on behalf of its CPG clients from February 2013 through this May have employed purchase-based targeting, according to Chuck Moxley, CMO of 4Info. Only two of the firm's CPG clients have targeted ads without tapping purchase data, he said.


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