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Avoid These 11 Content Practices That Make Your Brand Seem Cheap Online
By: Meltwater
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Nothing lasts forever in the digital world, and change seems to come more quickly each year. You don’t necessarily have to stay on the cutting-edge all the time, but if you can’t keep pace, your audience may start to question your brand. “Why haven’t they updated their homepage?” “If this is what they write, can I trust their products?” First impressions can make or break an audience’s opinion of your company. This summer, focus on transitioning to a more fluid, change-friendly content schedule by remembering these tips.Don’t:
  1. Use the same formatting standards for every post. Within the same audience, readers have individual content preferences. Some enjoy diving into a long-form article that really explores a topic while others prefer to skim through shorter versions to pick out the necessary details. Change your content styles and lengths to appeal to a wider audience. Try posting articles in two forms to boost your appeal. Complete a long-form article as well as a list or brief bullet point outline. Let your audience choose which format to read.
  1. Rely on an informal, unwritten content strategy. Many businesses are still putting off content strategy creation. The next time you meet to discuss your strategy, put it in writing. Every team member needs access to the big-picture goals, editorial calendars, and post guidelines. Like writing down what you eat in a journal, developing a formal content strategy will improve your follow-through. Use your audience personas, value proposition, current analytics, and customer surveys to set some measurable benchmarks in a written document.

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