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No 'Fish Handshakes,' Please: How Not to Mess Up Your Next Ad Agency Interview
By: Digiday
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Want to land that agency gig? You think you may have done your homework but, with one inadvertent error, you may end up completely blowing your chances.

We asked top agency execs to share their ad agency interivew tips — and some not-so-pleasant memories interviewing prospective employees, both for starting level and senior positions. Tl;dr: Have confident body language, don’t be too self-absorbed, and for crying out loud no dead-fish handshakes

Here’s what not to do at your next agency interview:

Helene De Vries, global head of talent acquisition, Wunderman
The No. 1 thing for me that immediately gives the wrong impression is the “fish handshake.” Regardless of whether or not the role you are interviewing for is client-facing, a bad handshake is an awful indicator of presence and personal pride. I definitely pass “fishy handshakers” along to other hiring managers after I meet them, but more often than not, they have a similar reaction and express the same concern. I try to be as honest with candidates throughout the process as I can and often provide blunt feedback as I walk them out. Many times I give them the same handshake back to emphasize the point — and you can see the “a-ha” moment on their faces. It’s my way of doing them, and everyone they meet from that moment forward, a public service. A firm handshake is an opportunity to make a really strong first impression.



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