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This Hack Brings 'Screenshot Commerce' to Snapchat
By: Digiday
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Snapchat is not an easy app to crack for brands and publishers looking to incorporate it into their digital sales strategies. It’s not as beautifully curated as Instagram, as easy to attract followers as Twitter, or as seamlessly shareable as Facebook.

But there’s always a hack.

PopSugar’s CEO Brian Sugar thinks he’s found one that could open the door to commerce on Snapchat and finally introduce a way to make money through the app. Sugar built an e-commerce app, called Emoticode, a companion app to Snapchat that taps into a core social action taken by Snapchat users: the screenshot.

Emoticode makes it easy for bloggers and brands to include links to products in their Snapchat stories that their fans can screenshot and save for later. PopSugar owns ShopStyle, a platform for thousands of beauty, fashion and retail bloggers, who will be the first to use these links to monetize their Snapchat content. PopSugar will put emoticodes in its Snapchat stories, Sugar said; brands including Uniqlo, Nordstrom and Sephora are among the launch partners.



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