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BuzzFeed is Building a Video Empire on Food Porn
By: Digiday
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BuzzFeed’s Tasty video channel hasn’t just become a model for other food publishers (not to mention parodies), but for BuzzFeed itself.

Less than a year after it launched with an experimental recipe video, Tasty has become the driver of video views at the company, with 53.6 million likes (its rapid ascent made it look like a spam channel, which caused a Facebook glitch that temporarily halted its growth, according to BuzzFeed) and a global presence that’s spawned a growing number of BuzzFeed video offshoots around kids, moms and cooking gadget unboxings. There’s a DIY offshoot for crafters called Nifty. Tasty has begun opening the door to advertising.

“Tasty is made for brands,” said BuzzFeed video head Ze Frank, speaking at BuzzFeed’s NewFronts presentation Monday, where Tasty was the main dish. “It’s good for brands.”

BuzzFeed was on the forefront of embracing a distributed model for its business, but it’s hit some speed bumps along the way. If “Dear Kitten,” the branded video it produced for Purina, was a viral hit that’s been hard to replicate, Tasty and its made-for-advertiser content has emerged as one of the bigger and easier avenues for growth.



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