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How Color IQ, Sephora's Shade-Matching Skin Care Tool, Boosts Brand Loyalty
By: Digiday
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At Sephora, employees are equipped with a handheld device that, when held to the face, scans the surface, capturing a person’s exact skin tone and matching it with a combination of numbers and letters from an existing “shade library.”

The resulting four-digit code is a Sephora customer’s Color IQ. The program was created in 2012 in collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute to help shoppers find the foundation and concealer that’s the best scientific match for their complexions. Since its launch, Sephora stores have generated 14 million Color IQ matches and the company has also created a spinoff, the Lip IQ, for lipstick shades.

“We believe that education is empowerment, and by enabling our customers to learn, we’re allowing for both higher conversion and deeper brand loyalty,” said Johnna Marcus, senior director of the Sephora Innovation Lab. “Color IQ — and Lip IQ — answers a big question: what’s the right shade for me? There are thousands of shades out there, so we narrowed down that world to make things easier.”


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