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3 Factors to Measure During a Crisis
By: Cision
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When a crisis hits, it’s easy to assume you’re taking on water. But before you start bailing your brand out, you need to know whether or not your brand is truly sinking.

If you react before you have the proper context, you could make the issue worse. So how can you gauge the true impact of a crisis on your brand?

Media intelligence can help you understand the discussion surrounding the crisis so you can determine how best to act – or whether you need to act at all. Sometimes lying low and not entering the conversation is the best decision.

So how do you use media intelligence during a crisis? Here are three factors you should be monitoring to help you adapt your crisis communication:

1. How much your brand is mentioned

The crisis itself may be getting a lot of coverage, but how much is your brand involved? Use social media listening software to track keywords relating to the crisis and take note of how often your brand is mentioned in relation to it.

For example, when a series of shark attacks hit North Carolina beaches, Visit North Carolina was concerned about the level of media coverage the crisis was getting. But with media intelligence, they were able to determine that the state itself wasn’t being singled out.

Media intelligence offers a neutral, third-party perspective. It allows you to take a step back and look at the whole picture of the crisis and where your brand falls within it.


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