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3 Tips to Master the Art of Storytelling Through Branded Video
By: Bulldog Reporter
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In recent years, the web has become over saturated with content—making it even more difficult to reach consumers. With users in control of what, when and where they consume media, brands are having to use innovation and creativity to engage with their audience. This combination of challenges has created the perfect storm, catapulting the popularity of branded entertainment. The use of branded video breathes life into a brand, giving it depth and personality that capture distracted consumer’s attention.

Through the power of storytelling, branded video uses characters, emotions and adventure to develop a personal connection with a brand’s audience. By using the power of emotions, companies directly influence consumers’ willingness to purchase a product or service. In the eyes of consumers, brands are a matter of perception. Incorporating relatable challenges into a campaign resonates with consumers, not only forming a bond but creates memorable experiences.

Mastering the art of storytelling is a feat in itself. Engage with consumers and create new brand advocates with these storytelling tips.

Start With the Characters:
The foundation of every memorable story begins with great characters. Since branded video content is usually shorter than eight minutes long, brands have very little time for their characters to make a lasting impression on viewers.

Think about the characters in your favorite movie or TV show. What do you like about them? Do they remind you of someone? Are they funny, driven, kind hearted or all of them wrapped into one? Now think about your brand and the characteristics that encompass it. These traits should influence the personalities of your story’s characters.

GMC’s “Crafted for the Future” branded video series provides a great example of content and characters who embody the brand.


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