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Research Shows Marketing Personalization Misses The Mark
By: Forbes
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Here’s what a leading CMO told me recently when I asked about the quality of their CX and personalization: “We are using new CRM technology to automate old, bad behaviors…not being guided by how our customers define improved CX. Result: High volume, irritating and brand damaging spray and pray.”

Per VoC research conducted by our firm among customers and lost customers of leading brands, many marketers are kidding themselves when they say they’re doing personalization. What they are really doing is putting lipstick on tired, transactional emails and blasting them from the latest and greatest CRM technology.

As John J. Curtis, SEO manager at Walgreens stated regarding the importance of content and CX, “Good content marketing is designed for your customer…. with any tool, you have to use it properly for the job you’re doing, and every tool isn’t used for every job. … [Assess] the issue at hand, identify the customer need, …then decide what to grab from the toolbox.”

Per the VoC research findings, here are three ways to stop damaging consumer relationships and start delivering truly personalized CX:

Fulfill the Promise of Value
As illustrated by the recent Apple privacy controversy, consumers clearly understand the value of their personal information and are willing to provide marketers with that information if there is a promise of value in exchange for this interaction.

However, all too often this is what people are telling us in the VoC research:

“What we receive is not smart personalization. They aren’t personalizing the things that matter to me.”

“What they consider personalization is so old-fashioned”

“I want more than just buying history-based emails.”

“With today’s technology, I expect the experiences and emails to reflect my interests and preferences.”


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