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How Mack Weldon Doubled Underwear Sales Through Podcast Advertising
By: Digiday
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Men don’t feel comfortable talking about their underwear because it’s personal. But men like hearing underwear jokes in podcasts because they are relatable. That’s an observation from Collin Willardson, marketing manager for Mack Weldon.

The New York-based men’s underwear brand has been experimenting with podcasting for a year. Most recently, it collaborated with Comedy Bang Bang on a live ad read at SXSW, where comedian Paul F. Tompkins played a Mack Weldon executive and mocked an underwear model (played by Willardson) in his live show. The ad read made a stir on Reddit where users left comments like “That was a long-ass ad read. Loved it.” and “Man was this ever good. Makes me want to get some of these underwears.”

“Because of the humorous content, people started downloading our podcast,” said Willardson. “We’d worked with Comedy Bang Bang before, but the live read doubled our sales.”

Willardson believes that a sense of humor helps Mack Weldon keep its podcast listeners coming back. He’s trying to bring underwear jokes to a wide range of shows and topics. For example, in a sports podcast Mack Weldon can make fun of the universal issue of sagging and pinching undergarments, and in a technology show, Mack Weldon can explain its high-performance fabric.

Podcast advertising now represents 25 percent of Mack Weldon’s overall ad budget per month, 100 times more than a year ago. The medium has become more effective than display ads for the company, because when people listen to podcasts, they are fully engaged and they can continue listening while making a purchase.



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