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As Social Stars Gain Influence, the Brand Mascot Becomes an Endangered Species
By: Digiday
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Kevin Jonas, the eldest brother in former Disney star boy band the Jonas Brother, posted a Snapchat video where he challenged Burger King’s fiery chicken fries. He then reposted a screenshot featuring his twisted face to Instagram. “I thought I could handle the heat, I was wrong!” he wrote in the caption.

Over the past one year, Jonas has endorsed three new items for Burger King: fiery chicken fires, chicken fries and grilled dogs. As the brand’s most recent spokesperson on social media, Jonas has taken marketing responsibilities of the King, the chain’s mascot, which was retired in 2011.

“Social influencers are becoming more and more like Hollywood celebrities, and brands started creating more exclusivity with them,” said Adam Gausepohl, CEO of PopShorts, the agency behind Burger King’s social campaigns with Jonas. “Kevin likes Burger King in real life. And the audience demographic data for Kevin and the other influencers matched with Burger King’s target audience.”

Gone are the good old days when brand mascots were in every other TV commercial. In the digital realm, they, like the King, have fallen out of favor as brands are increasingly turning to social influencers on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.


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