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Confessions of a Media Buyer: 'Nobody Wants to Rock the Boat'
By: Digiday
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Media buyers may be the most frustrated people in digital advertising right now. In our latest confessions, in which we trade anonymity for honesty, we spoke to a senior media buyer at a major agency about why client education is such an uphill battle.

What about advertising frustrates you most right now?
For me, the biggest barrier to great work right now is digital planning. It’s completely based on what you did last time. Which isn’t right. For every plan, we basically take what we did last time and then update it. That’s especially frustrating for someone like me, who is always fighting for recognition.

Has programmatic advertising exacerbated the problem?
Yes. It’s not that folks aren’t informed about how shit banner ads are. It’s more that they don’t want to poke the bear. Everyone is just comfortable pointing to, “My colleague saw the banner ad, so I know it happened.” Nobody wants to rock the boat and ask: “What are we really doing here?”



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