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Octopuses Are In, Cats Are Out: How Viral Editors Find the Internet's Next Big Obsession
By: Digiday
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What works now on the Internet probably won’t resonate in a year or two. That’s life in the fast lane of viral publishing.

To survive and thrive, a new class of viral editors has emerged, steeped in data and easily at home in the dingy corners of 4chan, ready to package together viral videos or come up with catchy headline conventions some would consider clickbait. But now those editors are changing their games, leaning more toward substantive issues versus disposable memes, while staying focused on having their fingers on the pulse of the Web.

Digiday talked to four writers and editors deep in the viral Internet trenches to get a pulse of what’s resonating with the Internet, what’s no longer not.

Miles Klee, editor, The Daily Dot’s LOL section
Klee has worked at the Daily Dot for three years in various editorial roles before being promoted to an editor last April for the site’s LOL vertical. Every morning, he checks Reddit, Imgur, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what the Internet is talking about before pitching stories to Daily Dot writers.



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