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Manitobah Mukluks: More than Aboriginal Footwear
By: Justine Huffman
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Sean McCormick, CEO and founder of Manitobah Mukluks, established his company in 1990 in a Winnipeg trading post. At this post, the Métis entrepreneur exchanged tanned leather and mukluks and moccasins.

When photographs of celebrities donning Manitobah footwear hit news shelves, international demand soared.

Today, the company is still going strong, and is all about producing high-quality genuine footwear while enriching the Aboriginal community.

Partnering with Aboriginal organizations and artisans is what makes the enterprise unique and authentic in its branding.

Within various in-house ads, Waneek Horn-Miller, a prominent Pan Am Gold Medal Olympian, wears and describes selected footwear while the music of A Tribe Called Red plays in the background.

A Tribe Called Red is a three-member Canadian First Nations group that creates electro music that infuses First Nations tunes.

Each year CAHRD benefits from partnership with Manitobah Mukluks in order to receive education bursaries for college and university-bound Aboriginal students.

Through #MocMonday, Twitter and Facebook admirers are encouraged to share their well-crafted Manitobah Mukluks-made moccasins, further building and sharing appreciation for the brand.

Wearing Manitobah Mukluks isn’t merely a fashion statement. It’s a reminder that artisanship and tradition is highly valued. Furthermore, they are a symbol of care for a treasured society.

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About the Author
Justine Huffman is an indie author, poet, and graphic artist residing in Delaware, USA. When she's not unleashing her creative powers, she enjoys reading humorous fiction, dining at local seafood eateries, and daydreaming. 
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