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Poised for Growth: Reddit Swears It's Not Too Scary for Brands
By: Digiday
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There is no less-predictable playground than Reddit. Try to manipulate public opinion there, and you’re bound to be called out. Throw caution to the crowd, and you might get mobbed.

Reddit, after all, is the place that recently tore down Comedy Central host Larry Wilmore because users there didn’t like how his show treated science guy Bill Nye — months before. Equal parts circus and minefield, Reddit never forgets.

Redditors tend to be suspicious of any corporate meddling in their beloved community. Popular reddit threads mock big-brand slogans and campaigns, sometimes causing brands to pull their ads offline. One recent marketing mishap: Last month, singer Wyclef Jean had arguably the most disastrous showing on the site’s most famous forum, Ask Me Anything. Reddit would not let go of the fact that Jean, there to promote the 20th anniversary of a Fugees album, also has links to an allegedly shady Haitian charity.

The site lets the audience vote on comments, and the ones with the most votes rise to the top. The top question for Jean started: “Wyclef, how do you sleep at night?”

Still, the appeal of a warm public embrace on Reddit is strong enough to tempt marketers and brands. For instance, almost every post surrounding the movie “Deadpool,” starring Ryan Reynolds, was showered in upvotes. Content around the movie was continually on reddit’s front page, which is where the trending links with the most votes across the site live.



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