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Digital Media Case Study: Taking a Selfie from Space
By: Marketing Interactive
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An inside-look on how the beer brand spurred transnational participation for the world’s first selfie from space. As part of its integrated global Spectre THE MAIL campaign, Heineken created a top secret event very much in keeping with the uber high-tech spy world of Bond.

Once again, Heineken pushed the boundaries of modern technology and took the world’s first ever selfie from space, dubbed “Spyfie”.

To pull this off, Heineken partnered with Urthecast to take ultra HD imagery using its camera on the Deimos satellite, orbiting 600km above the Earth’s surface.

To recruit attendees from Singapore, Heineken targeted prominent media influencers with a disruptive media kit that dramatized the scale and scope of this once-in-a-life-time never-done-before Spyfie experience.

A spy-like polycarbonate hard case was hand-delivered to 180 influential media across the island by clandestine figures. Inside the case was a miniature space station drone – the perfect representation of the International Space Station where the super high definition Urthecast cameras were set up to take a selfie of hundreds of prize winners who stood in the middle of the Hoover Dam.

The playful and interactive nature of the media kit resulted in our influencers sharing it on their social channels, spreading the word of this momentous Spyfie experience to a wider audience.

This innovative media kit ignited the Spyfie conversation across Singapore, engaging potential winners and generating a PR value of US$277,500 in the process. And ultimately two lucky winners were recruited to take part in this historic selfie from space.


To recruit attendees from Singapore to witness the world’s first-ever selfie from space.

Target audience:

Prominent media influencers such as journalists and key opinion leaders.


The media kit ignited the Spyfie conversation, generating a PR value of US$277,500 in Singapore.


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