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Strengthen Your Personal Brand
By: Bernard Harrell
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The first thing employers check in the technology era is your social media image. Some managers check Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, but in many cases it starts with a Google search. 
In a Google search your unprofessional content runs the risk of popping up. Which means images or posts from social media accounts you may have lost track of. 
Luckily, there are a few ways to bury your less desirable results.
You can start by creating a “fresh start” social media campaign for your self. Start by linking your accounts together. Google views synced accounts as something important and gives them a higher ranking.
Sharing quality content lets potential recruiters know that your serious about your career, and keeps you up to date. This will also allow you to view your field from a different perspective and potentially giving you the chance to become leadership material.
Creating your own website also makes it easier for you to manage your portfolio. You can create one at wix.com, or about.me.


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About the Author
Bernard Harrell is an aspiring entrepreneur. He believes in the power of simplicity, and that the smallest idea, or person, can change the world.
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