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Google X Drops the Google
By: Andy Perrott
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Google X, a semi-secret division of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has dropped Google from its title and is now just calling itself X. X is a company that prides itself on investing in “moonshots,” a term used to explain innovative and ambitious projects.  To qualify as a “moonshot,” the project has to be a radical solution, using groundbreaking technology, to an equally radical problem. One benefit of the name change from Google X to X is that it distances the pursuits of X from the rest of Alphabet’s owned companies bearing the Google title.

X would function much in the way that its parent company Alphabet does. Alphabet owns many products people associate with Google, such as YouTube and Android; however, X will differ because it will pursue innovative technology projects, such as weather balloons that give people Wi-Fi, delivery drones, and a newly acquired robotics division.

X has also rebranded itself with a new logo. Before the name change, the logo was very similar to the basic Google logo, but with an X in brackets following the title in superscript. Now the logo for X is a giant yellow X. This move perhaps reflects how X is moving away from Google and is able to act more independently on its own, pursuing moonshot projects. 

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Andy Perrott is a writer with a BA in Advertising from Penn State University. He has a background in studying the effects of brands, advertising, and corporate identities through social media. 
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