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Do Consumers Trust Bloggers More Than Brands?
By: Cindy Wendland
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Ugg believes that consumers trust bloggers more than brands. For this reason, they are working with eight bloggers to create content that they hope their followers will find compelling. The bloggers state their affiliation with Ugg when they write the pieces, which they post on their sites and on Ugg’s. Have the bloggers crossed over from being unbiased sources? Will the trust be compromised?

Ugg boots were worn by surfers in California to stay warm after surfing. Some people stated they were the “ugg-liest” boots ever seen. The name stuck and the following grew until it became a trend in the late 1990s. Ugg’s popularity continues in boots, mittens, and hats and is growing in home goods and handbags. To engage with consumers, Ugg is using bloggers and social media.

Typically bloggers write articles based on their experiences and viewpoint. They either work for themselves or a company that asks them to write on certain topics, but not typically for the company about which they write. This affiliation would make their article slanted and biased. For Ugg to commission bloggers to write content would mean that the bloggers should not write about Ugg, but other areas of interest. It would seem that Ugg would find more value in asking bloggers to write about their product, such as the succinct article below.

For us Midwesterners who deal with the bitter cold in the winter, Uggs are some of the warmest boots on the market. Many people swear by them in the winter and won’t wear anything else. Some people just like the look and others like to follow trends and styles, so they wear Ugg boots. The sum total of all these people make up such a large group that you can’t go anywhere in public in the Midwest without seeing Ugg boots. The fact that they shouldn’t be worn in snow doesn’t seem to matter much to those who wear them. Ugg products are made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship and are very durable. In addition, people don’t own just one pair but several.

Perhaps Ugg customers are so sold on the boots and products that they don’t need bloggers to write on product. Maybe they are looking for interesting content from Ugg, or maybe they can find it on their own. Maybe Ugg’s commission to these bloggers would be better spent elsewhere.

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About the Author
Cindy Wendland has a background in marketing and finance. She is the creative director for an online men's health magazine, BrainBrawnBody.com, and she gets to write their leisure/travel blog. She is also a web designer helping her clients with online community engagement, websitesbywendland.com. Prior to her web years, she worked in pharmacy consulting.
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