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Can the Republican Presidential Debate be a Lesson In Marketing?
By: Mona Sabbah
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As I watched the Republican Presidential Debate last night, I couldn’t help but wonder: Have all the candidates forgotten the golden rule of marketing? (Sell the benefits, not the features.) It seemed everyone from Donald Trump to Carly Fiorina was determined to recite their resumes, i.e., their features.

Now, I don’t know too much about politics, but it seems to me that the American people would rather know what candidates can do for them — i.e., their benefits. To know about the candidates’ history and career tracks can be quite entertaining, especially when it’s a spitting match between them all, but in the end, as an American I want to know “which” Republican will do “what” for me.

Features tell and benefits sell, so instead of dropping names, how about talking about your vision for America? How about discussing the key policies you’re willing to fight for? How about raising the important issues that the rest of us care about? It seems like all these candidates have to answer the American people's question: What’s in it for me?

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About the Author
Mona Sabbah is a Senior Copywriter/Creative Director with over 12 years of experience writing for print, TV, radio, and online. Mona has worked on a number of accounts from The Florida Lottery to Air Canada and Keiser University. You can see some of her work at http://www.miamicopywriter.com/. Find her on Twitter at @miamicopywriter.
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