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Justin Bieber Schooled Us On Promo with #WhatDoYouMean
By: Justine Huffman
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Belieber or not, we must give Justin Bieber’s team props for their marketing strategy for “What Do You Mean?,” the first single from the young crooner’s new album.

Famous friends and eager fans posted pictures and videos of themselves across Bieber’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook fan pages in an effort to promote the new track. Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Kevin Hart, Skrillex, Britney Spears, Martha Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Steven Tyler, Michael Bublé, and John Leguizamo were a few of the many celebrities that willingly held up poster boards with the new song title along with the number of days leading up until its debut. Some photos were randomly snapped and posted, while others took on a more manicured approach. The massive support for the Prince of Pop shined through, increasing the anticipation for his new music.

The song was released on August 28, 2015. The official music video followed two days after. As of this post, the video has garnered over 49 million views. “What Do You Mean?” is currently number one on the U.S. iTunes singles sales chart.

What can we learn from Bieber’s promo team regarding “What Do You Mean?”?
  1. Use social media as a marketing base.
  2. Let your popular friends and photogenic fans speak for your product and/or service though images.
  3. Launch your ad plan a month in advance.
  4. Release new promo media every day up until the product and/or service release date.
  5. Express your gratitude for everyone involved in the campaign process while it’s in progress, and once it concludes.
Product and service marketing isn’t a cakewalk, but with the proper ammunition and aim, one can become a marksman of the promo type.

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Justine Huffman is an indie author, poet, and graphic artist residing in Delaware, USA. When she's not unleashing her creative powers, she enjoys reading humorous fiction, dining at local seafood eateries, and daydreaming. 
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