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New Horror Movie Makes Viewers Sick
By: Justine Huffman
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If a horror movie trailer makes viewers cringe, that’s expected. What about “exclusive” insider reports of viewers tossing their cookies and fainting? That’s a whole new level of effective advertising!

Bite, the upcoming Canadian indie horror flick directed by Chad Archibald, stars Elma Begovic as Casey. Casey, a bride-to-be, transforms into an insect hybrid upon being bitten by a mysterious bug on her bachelorette party getaway. In the official movie trailer, we see Casey as an attractive, fun-loving brunette. At the conclusion of the trailer, she becomes a creepy chick wearing a hoodie that’s in dire need of a dermatologist’s touch.

Joe Berkowitz of Fast Company reported that one filmgoer, who had the unfortunate experience of laying their eyes on the Bite movie premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival this year, used a freely given Bite-themed barf bag as intended. A few other viewers succumbed to fainting spells.

Indie Horror movie outlets have released these stories despite the film’s trailer being average at best. Perhaps all of the nauseating and faint-worthy moments were too much for a limited-release trailer.  

With the new age of Internet movie pirating, filmmakers have to up their ante to sell tickets, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs. Will sharing tales of unexpected (or perhaps highly desired) reactions to horror movies become the horror film industry’s new marketing technique? If so, stock up on barf bags. The grossest is yet to come!

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About the Author
Justine Huffman is an indie author, poet, and graphic artist residing in Delaware, USA. When she's not unleashing her creative powers, she enjoys reading humorous fiction, dining at local seafood eateries, and daydreaming. 
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