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Levo, Your New Personal Branding Tool
By: Caroline Moore
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The world of branding is a complex one. From highly successful Fortune 500 companies to budding startups, every business utilizes the concepts branding has to offer.

What is just as important — if not more — is personal branding. In the age of constant social media updates that relies heavily on a solid online presence, no time is as good as the present to learn how to effectively brand your self.

No matter what audience you want to reach with your brand (a.k.a.: you!), your image and lifestyle needs to personify the message(s).

Whether you want to gain more followers for your blog, start your own business, or simply want to exude a personal brand to complement your professional endeavors, learning the correct tools to use can make all the difference.

LinkedIn is a popular professional network site; however, it does little as far as driving home an illustrated persona of yourself and all your incredible talents. Another great option is creating a Levo career profile. The user creates a profile and then is able to network with professionals and potential mentors, all while showcasing the user’s skills in a modern, aesthetically pleasing format.

These career profiles are an exceptionally great tool to use to build personal and lifestyle brands. Furthermore, you will perhaps stand out (in a good way) with a Levo profile than against the mundane, blue-and-white profiles of LinkedIn.

When it comes to building and maintaining your own personal brand, there are tons of options out there. Browse through the many apps, social media forums, and sites to choose which one(s) fit your lifestyle brand. Which ones have you found most effective? What are your favorite personal branding tools?

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About the Author
Caroline Moore received her BFA in Communication from Valdosta State University. She works as a freelance writer and is currently working towards achieving a TEFL certificate. She is an avid animal and environmental activist. Caroline lives in Atlanta, GA.
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