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Coca-Cola: The Fine Art of Brand Engagement on Social Media
By: Paula-Nicole Campbell
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Coca-Cola is an iconic brand that many of us have been familiar with since our childhood. It is a consumer staple that manages to connect with different generations. Undoubtedly, Coca-Cola has a huge audience base that they have to engage, and this may seem like an insurmountable challenge for many brands.

However, Coca-Cola does so in an impressive manner, and there is a lot to learn from their branding techniques and engagement on their social media platforms. Here are two discernible tactics used by Coca-Cola that all brand marketers should play close attention to.

Interactivity with Online Followers
Coca-Cola understands the importance of fully interacting and engaging with their online followers. The essence of social engagement is not simply to post regularly, but in addition provide feedback to your users by retweeting, sharing, and commenting. This is what has helped to establish and create the admirable online presence that Coca-Cola has. With the millions of followers they have across all their platforms, they make a real effort to show interest in what their audience thinks.

Cohesive Message Design Across Social Media Platforms
When a lot of brands think "cohesive," they immediately think "same" and "oneness." True; cohesive does suggest "similar throughout," but noticeably many brands think that they should post the same content on all their platforms. This is not advisable. Though you want to be cohesive, there should be diversity in your content. Maintain the "same" but vary the content. This is evident from Coca-Cola, as their messages are similar on all their social media profiles, but the content is diverse and tailored to fit that platform.

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About the Author
Paula-Nicole Campbell is a marketing and communications enthusiast who received her Bachelors degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of the West Indies.
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