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How Your Brand Can Leverage the Second Screen
By: Paula-Nicole Campbell
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The average individual today isn’t just watching television with their eyes fully glued to one screen. A common trend with viewers today is a phenomenon known as “second screening,” in which the individual is usually watching TV (main screen) and engaging interactively with a mobile device (second screening) concerning what is being displayed on the main screen. This trend has given marketers the opportunity to enhance their marketing strategies not only on the big screens, which is an expensive endeavor, but on small screens.

Second screening provides a level playing field for small businesses to capture the attention of their target audience in a wider range. In instances where small businesses do not have the budgetary support to advertise on big screens or platforms, marketing through second screening on social media gives them the opportunity to engage the target audience in an impactful manner. Here's how to do it:
  • Find out what your target audience is watching and what interests them about that program.
  • Using hashtags, review the posts made by your target audience during the program.
  • Create interesting content relating to the online event.
  • Schedule this content before, during, and after the online event.
Interact and engage with your target audience by retweeting, liking, and reposting their posts about the online event.

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About the Author
Paula-Nicole Campbell is a marketing and communications enthusiast who received her Bachelors degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of the West Indies.
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