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Before Clicking 'Send,' Learn from Your Brand's Past
By: Dan Naden
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I've seen it a thousand times.

Marketing teams are in a rush, under the gun, to deliver leads.

The quarter is coming to a close and the numbers aren't looking good.

The team throws together some copy, hacks a design, performs some quick editing, and gets ready to click send.

Joe, a new team member who recently joined the company, asks, “How have these campaigns performed in the past?”

Steve, a five-year veteran of the marketing team, replies, “Not sure. We'll get a few leads; we've no time to research the past. We need to get leads for sales. It will be fine; we've done a ton of these campaigns in the past.”

Steve clicks SEND and off goes another e-mail campaign to the company's database. Joe bites his tongue, wondering what lessons could be learned from analyzing similar campaigns.

Warning: If this scenario plays out at your company, stop it today. Find the right time and place to recommend that some time be built into the schedule to research the send rate, open rate, and click-through rate. Ideally, you'd perform some basic segmentation to determine what types of people are responding favorably to your campaigns.

The end result: you'll send e-mails to people who actually want to hear from you, and you'll send leads to sales that have a much higher probability of closing.

Marketing teams will ALWAYS be crunched to deliver high-quality leads with a high probability of converting. This isn't, however, an excuse to not learn from the past.

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Dan Naden is a creative, effective, focused product leader. Dan's been blogging about product marketing, product marketing, customer experience, and leadership for 7 years at dannaden.com
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