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Your Personal Starter Kit to Defining Your Personal Brand
By: Dan Naden
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There's a deafening roar in the marketplace about personal brands.

Branding isn't just about Burger King, Target, Chanel, Dell, and Walmart anymore; it's about you and your future. So how do you get started when you don't think you've a brand or don't know what it is?

Let's clarify one important myth.

You do have a brand.

It might not be crystal-clear in your mind (yet), but you'll get a better sense of what makes you unique by talking with your friends, colleagues — those closest to you on a daily basis.
  • When do they see you at your best? What are you doing: Leading? Directing? Writing? Acting? Helping?
  • What types of situations are you called in to help? Brainstorming? Fixing problems? Calming a tense, uncertain situation?
  • Over your career, when have you felt the most confident, secure, in charge? What were you doing? How were you communicating? Were you building something? Coaching? Helping others?
  • Take a few minutes and write down the script for a 30-second commercial about you. What would you like people to remember about you when the commercial ends? Honest? Hardworking? Creative? Funny? Dedicated?
  • Find a trusted friend or colleague who you think has a strong brand and ask him/her for some assistance. More often than not, they'll gladly help.
Think of your brand as the lasting impression you leave with people when you exit a meeting or end a phone call with a key stakeholder on a project.

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About the Author
Dan Naden is a creative, effective, focused product leader. Dan's been blogging about product marketing, product marketing, customer experience, and leadership for 7 years at dannaden.com
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