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Toymakers Marketing Through Kid YouTube Channels
By: Cindy Wendland
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Remember Tom Hanks in the movie Big? He was a boy in a man’s body who ended up working for a toy company. He was so great at his job because he was really a kid, knew what kids wanted, and knew what they liked. Toymakers are doing a similar thing by promoting their products on YouTube channels created by kids.

Want to know what to get your 12-year-old for Christmas? Ask another 12-year-old. Toymakers have found success (increased sales) in having their products reviewed on kid YouTube channels. EvanTubeHD has over 800 million views and toymakers are taking notice. First of all, Evan is eight years old and he is running a YouTube channel. Second, his channel has an incredible viewership. What are kids doing these days instead of playing outside or with friends? They are watching YouTube.

Toymakers are not going to have the same kind of impact from advertising during Saturday morning cartoons — do they even exist anymore? — as they will be promoting their products on YouTube. There are several channels run by children whose parents quit their day jobs to help manage the channel. Toymakers are working to cut deals with them. How long before the reviews become biased no matter how good the intentions start?

Marketers take notice. YouTube is a terrific way to market to children. YouTube is where you will find them. Toymakers are smart to realize this. It is just a recognition of today’s world, but a little sad that this is reality.

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About the Author
Cindy Wendland has a background in marketing and finance. She is the creative director for an online men's health magazine, BrainBrawnBody.com, and she gets to write their leisure/travel blog. She is also a web designer helping her clients with online community engagement, websitesbywendland.com. Prior to her web years, she worked in pharmacy consulting.
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